For your business to give good service you must pick your workers very carefully.

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Make sure that you choose workers that will be an asset to your business. Exercise extreme care when appointing them as this will ensure the competitiveness and survival of your business.

What should your criteria be in screening and appointing?

By workers I mean those who will do the core work of your home improvement business. These include the cabinet makers, tile fitters, pave fitters, etc.

Your first criterion should be quality and attractiveness of the jobs they have already done.

Get pictures of the jobs they have already completed in the past. You should also go with them to houses where they'd fitted tiles, cabinets, fences, etc, to see for yourself. This should, of course, be done with the permission of the owners of the houses.

The pictures will also serve as samples when you do your marketing. Keep the best out of the pictures given to you.

The second criterion should be the good qualities of the person him-/herself.

Is the person reliable, considerate and friendly? This is very important as the service business requires these qualities.

The person can be good in doing the job. If, however, he/she is, for example, not punctual, friendly and considerate in relation to your clients, that may put your business at a disadvantage. So it is very important that you look out for these qualities when choosing people to do the job.

The third criterion should be stability

Has the person been doing the jobs for some time or has he been changing trades?

A preferable person is the one who has a family. Young unmarried people can be journeymen also - always on the lookout for better opportunities. Select those people that you will work with for a long time.

The above mentioned criterion will also help you to have workers who will ultimately identify with your business. Mind you, these people are not your employees but independent contractors. Yet with time they will be willing to become part of your business. This also depends on your relationship with them - treat them well and they would give your business value.

Workers are very important, in fact, they form the integral part of your business - so be careful when you screen them.

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