A strategic start to the import and export business is very important.

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By strategic start we mean that you start your import and export business in a way that would ensure the business start with simple tasks then gradually move to more involved ones.

You can start with importing or exporting to countries just across the boarder and slightly farther on. And on top of this you concentrate on import/exports that has track records from suppliers and importers.

Usually the suppliers are involved in the whole process, from logistics to the final settlement of the transaction. These are transactions that you should start with.

But there are certain transactions where you must at least deal with logistics. Here involve reputable logistic companies that have long been in the business. These companies take on the responsibility of taking the cargo from the doorstep of the supplier to importers. They ensure the cargo against any mishaps along the way. Deal with such logistic companies.

A strategic start can also involve choosing simple types of goods to import and export. You can choose to start with durable small goods like utensils. You can choose food that takes a long time to expire like canned foodstuff. Avoid valuables like jewelery and complicated and delicate products like electronic goods.

Later on as your experience grows, you can start importing/exporting across the oceans to or from faraway countries. Here again start strategically with companies that take delivery all the way to the rightful destination.

This means they transport and ensure the safety of the goods till they arrive in the hands of the importers. They also deal with the monetary part of the transactions.

Much later you can start venturing into transactions where you take part of the responsibility of the delivery of goods. Here you should approach shipping companies that takes over responsibility from the port of the exporting country all the way to the customers in the importing country.

Another aspect of the strategic start is avoiding routes that go near areas that have got pirates. Stay away from such transactions even if the opportunities are attractive.

To top everything said above, read and acquaint yourself as much as possible with the facts of import/export business.

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