You can sell stationery which is a new brand in the market and, therefore, cheap

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This will be a win-win situation for both the stationery supplier and for yourself.

For the stationery suppliers - manufacturer or wholesaler - their product will be promoted. This way the bulk buyers and general public will come to know the brand and its quality and competitiveness.

They would, therefore, be willing to give you a demonstration/sample stock and/or promotion and advertising material.

As their active agent you would be ideal for them in the effort to make their brand, not only known, but accepted by their new customers. You will thus get good support and guidance from them.

On your part you would need premises where people intending to buy will come to. It should be accessible at best, but with telephone handy and your delivery strategy most places would do.

Your marketing strategy should target those using a lot of writing and printing material. Schools are some of the potential customers who consume a lot of it. Therefore it is important for them to find material that is of high quality but also reasonable in price.

The easiest way to get their interest and orders is to go to schools and meet with and demonstrate to staff that deals with procurement. Promise them discounts when they buy in bulk.

This you can negotiate with the suppliers/manufacturers. If that proves impossible because prices are already low, you can absorb the costs initially.

This, of course will mean that your profit margins will shrink, but this will yield positive results in the long run and good future profits.

Other potential customers are printing, photocopy and internet businesses.They use a lot of paper and other items and will buy from you if you show them the effect that your brands will have on their costs.

Because you would be having backup of your suppliers, you can also go for big tenders from government and large companies.

In fact the demand for good quality and low priced stationery is always so high that you cannot run out of prospects. The tough part will only be in searching and testing the new brands for quality.

But this also might not be a big problem because every day new manufacturers come up with good and reasonably priced brands.

Go out and look for them and make money!

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