Start immediately as you do not need much startup money.

There is no hindrance because of lack of start-up money. You need only to know the first steps to start.

The very first is for you to find good fitters of tiles, pavers, cabinet makers, erectors of fences and ceiling fitters.

Negotiate good/fees with them – this would be easier as you will promise them a steady flow of jobs for your customers.

For the second step go to small financing institutions and arrange financing for your customers. They prefer financing home owners for home improvements – they are low risk clients to them.

You can start your business from home – you don’t have to pay rent. For a phone you would use the home telephone or even your cell phone.

There are practically no overheads at this stage as you use what you already have. As for an assistant you would need him/her much later when your business has grown.

Get a measuring tape to measure for calculating quotations. This you can either borrow or easily buy as it is very cheap.

Get yourself a pen, some blank papers and a simple calculator.

Print pamphlets about your service to distribute.

You are the set and ready to start with this very little startup expenditure.

You can then use the simplest method of door to door ( house to house ) canvassing for your business.

You will need an office, an assistant, office equipment only when your turnover has grown. You will use money generated by the business to buy them – no need for funds upfront.

You may need an office for ease of accessibility, coordination and after service customer care – and as a place for your satisfied customers to refer others.

At this point you may start employing consultants to canvass for your business. They would not be a burden to you as they would earn commission for their remuneration.

Here you will have to hone your management skills by reading relevant literature.

Your business is really growing, and to think you did not need much startup money.

You are on your way now. Keep on working hard!

Don't forget budgeting and forecasting

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