As a cheap alternative source of energy solar products are becoming fashionable.

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If there is anything that is much researched and developed lately that is solar energy

This power is a cheap source of alternative energy. the challenge that delays the mass production of this energy products is the problem of storing it as well as the bulkiness of equipment that would generate enough energy.

But there is a lot of solar energy products that you will find in the market. Think of panels that are used to power small electrical gadgets and light bulbs.

However the ideal source of solar energy at the moment is for water heating. You know how much electricity is consumed in the heating of water for the bathroom. In fact a sizable proportion of an average household electricity consumption goes to water heating.

Therefore people are looking for alternative sources of energy that would ease their general homestead electricity consumption. And panels for water heating are the ones at the moment that are doing this.

The problem is that is done on a small scale. Solar heating suppliers have the products but they are not properly promoted and propagated. And here is where you can step in and become and agency for these suppliers. You then do the propagating for them.

And this would need personal contact to inform and demonstrate the usefulness of these panels for water heating to potential buyers.

In the nineteen-eighties and nineties the panels were rather expensive, bulky and required technical know-how to install. But lately they are easy to install and maintain. And prices have also gone down.

Search and get good suppliers - with support - and you can make a lot of money. You don't need to carry stock. You would need to have samples so as to demonstrate the workings of the heating systems to interested parties.

Your market is almost all around. Starting with neighbors - you should install one yourself. There are lodges, hotels, hostels,etc. The list is almost endless. There is so much potential that the opportunity to make money is there for the taking.

You can hire staff to help you in looking and selling to potential customers. Your remuneration for them should be on a commission basis. Look out for hard workers and those with sales experience.

You need only sell and install a few water heating panels to start the ball rolling. These would serve as proof and people would start demanding your products and your work will be mostly on the installation part.

The market is ripe for energy saving - go get your share!

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