To grow your business you must build the reputation of the office.

Having started the business is a big achievement in itself. Now you need to build its reputation to grow and nurture this it.

That is very easy if you understand the importance of the reputation of the consulting office. The core ingredient here is to give high quality personalized service.

By high quality service I mean giving an individual a complete service so that he/she does not have to do anything further. For an example when you apply for a birth certificate for your client's baby all that the client has to do is to give you information and to sign. You then carry everything from that point on till you hand over the certificate to the client.

This way your reputation will grow very rapidly. This is easy because in the early days of your consultancy office, you would still have few clients. Therefore, you would have enough time to devote to each one of them.

Give them that complete service and they will sell your office to others. They will "sing" praises about your office.

They will refer others to you and if you continue giving that high quality service your office's clients will increase very fast. Your office popularity will draw many clients to you.

When you start your business you will have to do some basic marketing. You will propagate the services that you offer by telling relevant people. As they start to come one at a time, you have the opportunity to give them excellent service. You have no pressure as you have enough time to devote your attention to each client.

When the next client comes you would also have enough time for them and you will give a very good service. These first few clients of yours form the basis of your consultancy's popularity as you go all out to assist them. They will tell other people about the quality of your service. And people will start to trickle in.

Maintain the high standard of your service and you will see the trickle turn into a flood with time. Your office name will grow far and wide.

This is the "magic" of referrals by your clients - go for it and enjoy the growth of your business.

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