Assist businesses to comply with government regulations and earn good income.

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You will find this very interesting as you assist people to comply with regulations.

There are so many government regulations that people and business entities must comply with. You will find that many people do not much about them. They simply need assistance and that’s where you would come in.

======== There are so many good opportunities and much potential in the consultancy field – go for it!

First identify the regulations whose transgressions are easily punishable by law.

Once you have identified two or three, get as much information as possible about them – their procedures, deadlines, penalties and so on.

Then make sure you can take compliance procedures from start to finish

Once you have done the above, it’s now time for you to start looking for entities affected them.

But before that make sure you have an office – to make things formal.

Do not take on a lot of them. Just concentrate on a few – you would expand as your office grows.

For now keep things simple and manageable.

This may differ from country to country, but the most feared of the regulations are the ones on the collection of the income tax. You can start with these.

There may be some basic requirements that you must first comply with before you can start helping others. Make sure you acquaint yourself with them, comply and then start to assist others to comply.

Registrations of businesses with relevant departments and agencies is also a lucrative consultancy area. You will find many people needing help.

The same is true with employer-employee relationships. Registrations with departments of labor make a very good consultancy opportunity. And there are many agencies under departments of labor dealing with employer-employee issues.

Look for them and study them thoroughly and start assisting people affected and grow your consultancy.

Be prepared to work hard because at the beginning you will be doing almost everything yourself - the marketing, the submission of documents at relevant institutions, etc.

However as the workload starts to increase you will need assistance. But the core of the work must be done by you. You will have to become an expert in this field. And to gain that knowledge and experience you must do the spade work yourself – much later you will then start training others to assist you.

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