Using referrals is very important in your marketing strategy.

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By capitalizing on referrals you can make your business grow and keep growing. This involves using your present clients yo generate a list of prospective clients.

Simply ask your present clients about other people who might be interested in your service. They could be their friends, relatives and colleagues.

How do you generate a list of prospective clients?

Before discussing various methods of generating referral list, it would be imperative to caution you about the danger of asking any one client a long list of names. Just ask for only three or four names of people that might be interested in your services.

You may have just fitted tiles for her house and she may remember a person interested in the same service or another service, like kitchen cabinets. Another person she remembers might be interested in a wall fence erection, etc.

The first type of people to ask for names are those you have just finished giving your service to. For example your workers have just finished fitting tiles in the house of your client. Visit the house to see for yourself whether the job has been properly done. Make and appointment to ensure that the client would be at home.

Then do the inspection work with the client and get her comments. After you are sure that she is satisfied with the work done, ask for names of people who may be interested in the same or the other services.

Write down the names, addresses and telephone numbers of these prospects and contact them. As I said, a few names are enough from any one client.

Secondly, you can also ask for names from a person you have presented your services to but who may not be financially ready yet. This person is interested to fit a new ceiling for example but doesn't have enough money for now. He can know about another person interested in having a new ceiling fitted in his house also. Get details of that person and contact him.

The third and easiest method of getting referrals is to ask names of possibly interested people from your own friends, relatives and associates. These people can give names from their own friends, colleagues and other relatives.

Use these methods and you will never run out of prospects and, thus, orders!

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