How you can deal with the qualifications and requirements for registration with controlling bodies

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Some countries have laws governing qualifications and requirements for certain professions and practices.

These laws lay down basic requirements and relevant qualifications for people desiring to practice in certain fields. This should not pose a problem for you if you do not have those qualifications.

The purpose of these requirements and qualifications is to ensure that the required level of standard is upheld. This is not to bar you from practicing.

You should plan to obtain the qualification in due course. But in the meantime you can operate under the duly qualified registered person.

Simply look for a person with the relevant qualifications and if not registered encourage him/her to register with the regulating body for that field of practice. You would then negotiate with him to operate under his/her name. He/she would then endorse documents that need endorsements.

You have a bargaining power when negotiating with him/her for the fees he/she would charge you. Don’t forget that you are the one who is going to do the work. His/hers is only the verification and endorsement. As such the bulk of the income earned in the process must accrue to you. If he/she is unfair go to someone else till you find a reasonable one. There are a lot of them and most will be reasonable.

You can also look for areas to practice in where there is less governmental control. Go for laws and regulations that concern people more than businesses and corporations.

But where qualifications and controlling bodies are the norm you should study so that one day you can operate independently. Take your time and set a number of years over which to study. Don’t push yourself too hard as you are already earning an income – this might affect the quality of your services. Just make sure you do not go slack on your studies. Once you get the qualification you should, of course, register with the relevant controlling/regulating body to fulfill the requirements.

Keep looking for more laws and regulations to assist people and businesses with. Don’t take too many though. Take enough to manage and do the same as you did with the first one.

Rise to the challenge!

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