Open the business of printing copies internet with little capital and start earning.

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The services of printing copies internet café’ are very much in demand. If you are living in or near a business district, or shopping centre you can run a lucrative business.

You can start with an old photocopy machine, computer and printer, and fax machine all of which could cost less than $1000.

The advantage of modern technology is that things turn obsolete quickly – and once obsolete they become very cheap. They would still give a good service but because they are old nobody wants them – hence they become very cheap. That’s where you step in to start your business.

The only thing you should be careful about is overheads. Stationery and rent are things you should plan for. Choose an area where the rent is reasonable, or otherwise sub-rent from a larger business.

You must also train your assistants as far as keeping waste papers from printing copies internet low, because wastage could drain on your profits. Remember that profit margins are low here. As such profitability depends on high production volumes with little wastage. Cutting costs by limiting wastage will go a long way towards helping your business profit levels.

Internet services are also in high demand and this demand continues to grow everyday. The number of internet users has already passed the two billion mark. You can tap on this demand and have a good profitable business. Fortunately here costs are easily manageable because you charge on time usage basis. In fact those customers that waste time when browsing do this to your advantage – the more time they spent on the net the more money you make.

The only thing to watch closely is downloading from the internet by your customers. Do not allow downloading without monitoring. Charge downloads by the amount of bytes used – on top of time spent on the net.

Do not forget that the success of printing copies internet business depends largely on close supervision. Thus you or someone very reliable must always be around to keep a close watch.

You can add a public pay phone to your services to boost profits. There is always a need for to phone and the demand is also increasing. This service includes faxing. Here people will fax from your facility and also receive faxes and pay for paper and ink.

If you have acquired enough space you can add IT items like cartridges, USB memory sticks, mouse, etc to sell. They are in high demand. And if you plan to expand your business expand on this IT items according to your resources. You can expand little by little until the bulk of your business is made up of these IT items.

Do not forget to include a snack corner and a fridge for cold drinks to your printing copies internet business – this will help you pay rent!


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