Use print marketing if you are not good at speaking to people and you can use it to augment the oral method

Print marketing is as good as oral marketing. You can use print it if you are not a 'people's person'.

If you are not a good speaker you can still do well with multilevel marketing. In fact you can do much better than a person relying on oral marketing only for recruiting.

There are various methods that you can use for print marketing. They have varying degrees of success. You should then test a number of them and then select that, or those, you find to be most effective. Concentrate on those to get optimal results.

The first method that you can use is a spot and/or classified adverts. Here you invite people to the opportunity of making money through multilevel marketing. On the advert you give your contact details so that interested people can contact you for more information. These people are already very interested and need to know how to sign up.

On your part you simply send them forms to fill and send to the multilevel company. The company takes over and process them.

Another method of getting prospects through print advertising is through pamphlet distributing companies. There are a lot of them, some good and some not so good. Find out their track record and also the areas where they distribute. Also the type of people they target is very important.

Choose the one that you think is the best and approach people there for more information. And once you decide that this a good company ask for a quote. Choose the company that do both the printing and the distribution.

Put the synopsis of the opportunity offered, in the pamphlet, and a contact number so that those interested may ask for more information and sign-up forms. Make sure that your phone is always on. Otherwise you may lose some of your ready to sign up prospects.

Another form of print marketing is the internet. There are various ways of advertising on the net. One of them is free ads website. Here you place ads for free. All you need to do is register with the site then place your ad. You need to update the ad every few days so that it will stay on or near the top - there are a lot of ads on the site and they would drive your advert down if your do not update it.

There are also paid adverts websites. These are more effective than free ones. Use them together with free ones for maximum results. Keep on looking for sites to put your ads on. With time you will come to know the most effective ones and you should use them more to advertise.

Print marketing is one of the most effective and easy methods of finding recruits. Use it and it will bring more prospects that would become recruits - and that means more money!

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