The use of oral marketing will increase your sign-ups and feed your downlines

Oral marketing, that is, speaking to people to recruit them is the easiest, cheapest but most effective method. You simply approach people and tell them about your products and how it would benefit them.

There are a number of technicalities that you should use to be more effective.

First you must have product knowledge. You should have good understanding of the benefits to your client the product will give. These are what you should emphasize.

You should thus prepare a good presentation. Organize the presentation in such a way that it will be most effective. It should be impressive in other words. Take time to prepare it as this is the money earner vehicle.

Don't overlook the effectiveness of practicing and rehearsing. After preparing the presentation carefully, read it aloud a number of times and then say it out loud from memory without looking at it.

This does not, however, mean that you are going to recite it in front of your prospect. What it means is that you would have all the information at the tip of your tongue. And that information will be organized. This will build your confidence in your presentations and that is very important.

You must also qualify your prospects before selling to them. This ensures that the prospects that you make presentations to are in the position to can buy your product. Trying to sell an expensive item to a poor person is futile. You would be wasting your energy and time. And you won't make money. So qualifying your prospects is very important.

Always be polite and cheerful when talking with your prospects. A rude approach will make your prospects hostile and you will not get what you want from them. Always show them that they are important. And they are important to you in reality. So treat them as such if you want their money.

Make appointments where possible before going to meet prospects. This makes them more receptive. Just budging in and then giving them oral marketing presentation might make them see you as an intruder. And they would have a negative attitude even when they listen to you.

Oral marketing is very effective when approached systematically. So use the above-mentioned tactics and sign up your prospects.

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