Open a multi-agency and become an alternative service provider for different products.

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A multi-agency is an agency that sell different products for suppliers and manufacturers. Here you select products you would sell for suppliers or manufacturers, and then sell them as less expensive alternative to similar but more established products in the market.

To start this business is cheap as you only stock samples for display. When you get an order you sell the sample, and then stock replacements from your supplier/manufacturer.

Choose those products that are of high quality which are still being introduced in the market. Go particularly for products that are being advertised in the media by the suppliers/manufacturers. This would make things easier for you as people would already know about the product.

In your marketing you will be telling people about products they already know about. Then you would emphasize that the product is of the same quality as products already established in the market, but cheaper. This way you will attract people to your agency to buy your products.

For products that you may choose for your business you can start with stationery.There are different brands of stationery like paper, pens, inks, etc. And there are new brands of writing material that are introduced in the market most of the time. Be on the lookout for these and then make arrangements with their manufacturers/suppliers to sell them on an agency basis.

You would stock samples of the brands and then make arrangements for fast logistics to be able to meet demand/orders. This way you don't need a lot of startup money for the initial stock.

Other products that you can use for your agency are products that are becoming fashionable. Here you can go for solar products especially the electricity cost-lowering products.

There are a number of products that you can introduce in you agency - they are discussed in separate webpages.

With time you will see those products that have a higher turnover relative to others. Keep them and eliminate those with lower turnover.

A multi-agency is an easy to start business, so go for it and earn good income.

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