The import export mechanisms is very interesting. You will find that it is so easy as your role is that o f a middleman-facilitator.

Your role in the mechanisms is to initiate, facilitate, and to see to it that the project is completed to the satisfaction of both parties - the importer and the exporter.

In your role you do not risk anything material on your part. The actual process is undertaken by the two parties involved. You only oversee that everything goes well, then earn a commission in the process.

Once you have the supplier you can approach the par with the need to make an order to the supplier. The order should be on the letterhead of the party ordering - nothing should be in your name. In the the total cost of the order your commission must be included - work it out around 10-15% of the order. The order should include all costs including shipping costs.

Here is what you do.

You identify a need or demand by one party either in your country or a foreign country. You then search for a supplier that has the needed goods. And that is very simple as that is what manufacturers and other types of suppliers go into business for.

Once you have the order you take it to the supplier you have identified. By the way you did not only identify the supplier, you also negotiated the total cost of the goods including the shipping out. This is done by the supplier who is responsible for the safe transportation of the goods till they get to their destination, which is the hands of the importer.

The suppliers will also arrange their preferred method of payment. On your part you convey this information to the importing party. The importer would then effect payment in accordance with the specified method.

These are not complicated methods and are used daily in hundreds of thousands of transactions as this is the integral part of the mechanisms of international trade.

Your role as you can see is to see to it that the transaction you initiated goes smoothly. Once the goods are received by the importer and payment received by the exporter, you collect your commission from the exporter/supplier.

As mentioned earlier the commission is arranged and worked out with the supplier. The importer is only given the order with the cost to pay. Once the importer pays the supplier, the supplier then subtracts your commission from the money and pays it to you.

As you can see the import export mechanisms is very interesting and fun - enjoy it!

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