Target the easily accessible customers for your marketing strategy to make your business grow quickly.

You need a good marketing strategy in the business of printing, photocopies and internet café. You can grow the printing part of your business quite considerably if you use an effective marketing strategy.

By growing the printing part of your business the other two parts also grow considerably. So go out and propagate your printing services to businesses that occasionally need to print on a large scale.

One target to market your printing services to is the schools. There are certain periods in the school calendar when large printing works are undertaken. An example is the examination time when question-papers are to be printed in large numbers. Make arrangement with a number of local schools so that they outsource this function to you.

Another source for large printing works is the government. Though some government institutions use tendering procedures for outsourcing their printing functions, it is worth it for you to go though them to obtain large and sometimes continuous orders. You should, however, be careful that you go for printing works that you would manage.

There are government offices all around us – national, provincial or municipal offices. All of them need printing jobs done and, therefore, they are a good target for your business to concentrate on.

Other good sources of printing orders are businesses in your area that need invoice books, order books, receipt books, etc. Make arrangements with these local businesses to outsource their printing to you.

Do not forget individuals that can give you orders through out the year. These include students that need their school assignments neatly typed. Your marketing strategy should, therefore, include students at local universities and colleges, as well as, people doing private correspondence studies. You will be surprised by the number of people that need this service. And they would be long standing customers for you for as long as they are still busy with their studies. They are also a good source of referrals.

There are many other sources of potential printing orders. Look out for them and you will find out that they are quite a lot. Look out for people planning weddings, parties and other ceremonies. They would need invitation cards, programs, etc. Approach them to offer your services and then you would get orders.

Lastly do not forget the old-fashioned pamphlet distribution. This might be old but it is still very effective. Try it and watch it bringing in a few more customers. Just keep distributing the pamphlets and you will never run out of new customers.

You can also offer pamphlet printing and distribution for other businesses in your area. There are many businesses which need exposure. In fact exposure is the life blood of every business. So there is a big demand for your printing and pamphlet distribution function. This will bring in extra income for you as you will also charge for the distribution part. You may even need to create a separate section to deal exclusively with pamphlet distribution. That's how much potential this function has!

These marketing strategies make the printing business easy for you to start and grow to your desired level!

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