The import-export business is easy to start, run and expand – the market is vast and needs more operators.

Import-export business is one of the most lucrative businesses. You will find it easy to start because you do not need a lot of start up money. In fact you need very little startup money to start.

What you need to do first is to get information about the government institutions you should register with so that you do not operate illegally.

Once you are registered you have your own business. Then you start organizing to import or to export as an agency.

The best thing about this business is that you don’t need warehouses, trucks, administrative staff, etc. Your work is just to be an organizer who looks for and finds demand for certain products.

You then find a supplier or suppliers with enough products for your foreign customers if you export. Your next step is to organize transport to take the products to the country where the order comes from. The same applies the other way round when you import

There is a lot of demand for a given product/s in one area and over supply in other areas. So your part is just to exploit this imbalance to bring about equilibrium.

The infrastructure is there for you to use without popping even a cent. And the income/commission potential is vast.

There are many companies waiting to take action once you direct them to. These include producers, suppliers, customers, logistics companies, etc.

they are all waiting to be prompted to action. They need those jobs. And your role is to give them those jobs as an import export agent.

initially you do not even need staff and an office. You can simply operate from home. Use your home telephone and write/type your own correspondence as you interact with suppliers, customers and trucking/shipping companies.

Banks are also involved in the facilitation of monetary transactions. They will advice you on various methods of dealing with transactions with entities in foreign countries.

Import-export business is very interesting and highly profitable. Go for it and make a lot of income!


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