Start your Home Improvement business immediately without startup money or skills

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You will find the home improvement business to be one of the easiest to start and run.

All you need to know are the easy steps for laying the foundation and then to build.

The first step is to search for unemployed or freelance skilled fitters (example - for tiles, paving, cabinet, fence walls, etc).

Make an agreement with them so that they would do your jobs at reasonable prices.

Then obtain sample photos from them of the jobs they have already completed.

Now it is your turn to do a lot of footwork – looking for and approaching prospective customers. Your have already set a foundation with the first two steps above.

You have confidence because –

#1. you have your skilled labor, and

#2. you have a track record of your service in the sample photos.

Another skill to equip yourself with is the quick calculation of the surface area so as to give a quotation there and then. Multiply that with the rates you worked out with your fitters which include your profit.

Then give your quotation and close the deal.

You should, of course, have a physical address and telephone number for the business.

Print business cards and pamphlets with the name of your business on them – and distribute them.

Display a board at the place you operate from - you would, most probably, be working from home in the initial stage.

Do not forget to –

*use order or agreement forms for your customers to fill and sign, before you do any work,

*have your telephone switched on at all times.

As you gain more confidence you will need to –

*make appointments before visiting,

*hone your presentations,

*improve listening skills,

*become an expert in friendship building with your customers, and

*establish customer care service.

As you grow start to think big for your Home Improvement business.

Expand your customer base to include government and big business. Go for tenders and subcontract with big construction companies. LET THE SKY BE THE LIMIT!

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