Look for office equipment that is affordable but would give you a good service.

Equipment for the business of printing, photocopies and internet cafe is very easy to find. You would not need a lot of capital money to buy it. You can, therefore, start from the humblest of beginnings.

Office equipment changes at a fast rate. As such it becomes obsolete within a short time. This is to your advantage, because the more it becomes obsolete the cheaper it becomes.

The first to look for is a computer and printer. You will find many which are three to five years old that are still very good but quite cheap. They would still have a life span of many years left. They also have spare parts in the market. These are good bargains for you.

The second one to look for is a photocopier. In past recent years photocopy machines have been changing very rapidly. A machine introduced this year would be out of fashion in two or three years’ time. So it has become obsolete. And “obsolete” means cheap as many people would no more be interested in such a machine.

Here you come in to claim it at these cheap prices. There are still spare parts for them in the market, so they are easy to maintain. Choose a bigger machine that produces high volumes of copies. The bigger the stronger.

You would, of course, need one or more computers for internet. Here choose a computer with a larger hard drive capacity. The more capacity the faster it would be.

As for the internet you have a choice of using a landline or mobile network service provider. You can start with mobile phone modems when still using one or a few computers for internet. When you increase the number of computers a landline is more suitable. Make your choice with costs in mind.

Add a fridge as a useful appliance. Your clients would need refreshments while for their service. Fridges like other equipment discussed above are very affordable if bought second hand. Start with a medium sized one and you can expand with the rise in demand.

Get this cheap equipment and give your customers a good service!

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