Use the door to door method that is simple, inexpensive and very effective in finding prospects and getting orders/jobs.

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The door to door visits to homes is the most effective marketing method.

Here you simply visit houses because they are the core target of your business.

In the initial stages you need not even use your phone. You simply do the cold calling.


Do not think this is hard - you'll be surprised as to how most people are friendly once they discover that you offer a service that would improve their standard of life.

Just prepare a short friendly presentation that gets to a point quickly.

Once you have prepared this move, go and meet people in their homes and tell them about your service - the service which improves their homes and their lives.

You must, of course, hone up your friendliness.

Show people your open, friendly and relaxed face, with a ready smile.

Enjoy this and easy sales canvassing method and see how effective it is.

You must have the following items as part of your door to door canvassing -

*because you must give quotations when prospects ask for them, carry a ten or twenty meter measuring tape,

*after measuring you will have to multiply the surface area by your per meter price, so you must have a pocket calculate,

*have a pen and some blank sheets to write down quotations,

*because you can get an order immediately, always carry order forms with you, and

*a diary is needed for phone numbers and appointments, and to record important discussions with your prospects.

Pamphlets should be part of your door to door arsenal.

If you find people that are not decision makers at home - like house maids - leave a pamphlet with them to give to home owners.

Also take the telephone numbers of the decision makers so as to contact them later.

You must have, or develop good listening skill.

You'll need this to make prospects trust you. Even if you realize that your prospect is talking about things not related to your presentation, listen to them.

I came across this several times in my door to door campaigns, and instead of trying to steer the conversation back my presentation, I just listened and responded accordingly.

This is not a waste of your time. Instead, it is an opportunity to become friends with your prospects.

And this mostly results in orders in the short, medium or long term.

Friendships is earned not rushed into.

Patience, empathy and a show of concern are powerful building blocks of friendship and mutually beneficial relationships.

Do not underestimate this - it is very important for the growth and sustainability of your business.

You'll, of course, also need stamina as door to door usually means foot work.

You use your own legs - no cars.

Moving from house to house is therefore also a healthy exercise - in a few days you'll start to notice improvements health-wise.

Allocate about three to five hours everyday for the door to door canvassing.

Start with three hours and as your stamina improves add more time.

You'll enjoy this and have a great time building your business, your health and long lasting beneficial friendships.

Do not forget the importance of attire.

Be presentable at all times - to have success you must look successful.

Go out and meet people in their homes - here they are most relaxed.

They are at ease and relationships can be started easily - and many will make your day and help you in building your business!!


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