Find out where demand-supply is to be met and make money by importing and exporting

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You must find out about demand-supply to start the ball rolling. Depending on the country in which you reside there would always be demand for or supply of certain products. Once you know where demand is, that is, the country where you need to supply certain goods, you simply find a supplier of those goods, and either export or import them.

The question is how to find demand-supply. How would you know where certain products are in demand? Finding suppliers is relatively much easier. But finding people with demand for certain goods requires that you go out to find them or to find out about them.

There are a number of ways to find out about demand for certain goods. The easiest of them is to look in import-export publications. Here people advertise their needs for goops or the products they supply. In my import-export business I subscribed to a certain publication called "Global Opportunities". Through this publication I found suppliers and people in need of different products.

What was left for me was to contact these people and to start the ball rolling. It was very interesting to find out that there are many people worldwide demanding goods in great numbers.

Your services will be very much needed. In fact there is a shortage of import-export agents.

Another useful way of finding demand for and supply of goods is the use of foreign countries' embassies and consuls in your country. Usually embassies from developing and underdeveloped countries will have lists of goods in demand in their home countries. Those of developed countries will have lists of suppliers of goods ready to export from their home countries.

The embassies and consuls will make your work much easier and this should be a good starting point for your business. This people will go out of their way to help you in your business and will also offer useful information about import-export deals.

My advice is that you should start operating through embassies and consuls and grow and expand from there!

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