You should cut costs of your printing, copies and internet business as their profits are sensitive to costs.

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Printing, copies and internet business is very sensitive to costs. You should therefore cut costs to improve your business profits.

This business uses paper and ink extensively. You have to manage your profits by watching and controlling costs. Concentrate on this two for your business's survival. Ignore them and you risk continuity of your business.

Cut costs by cutting wastage on paper and ink. Introduce control measures that would safeguard against wastage and reduction in profits.

Introducing control measures usually involves a lot of supervision. And that may not be readily available considering this is just a small business. You can, however, train your employees to follow certain steps to ensure that wastage is kept to a minimum.

What are these measures?

First, make sure that any typing work is proof-read by the person typing it. Then the client should also proof-read from the computer. Once the client is satisfied with the typed work he/she must be told that once the work is printed there will be no more corrections.

Should the client wish to make corrections then this would be regarded as a new typing job with a separate charge. This measure alone will go along way toward safeguarding against wastage and, as such, maintaining healthy profit levels.

The second measure to introduce in your printing business can be to put the wasted papers in a tray so that the amount of wastage can be recorded. At the end of a week or month this would then be brought to your attention as the manager/owner. You can then, in turn, bring this to the attention of employees so that they should make extra effort to improve on wastage.

This should be done not to put blame on any person but as a way to instill extra carefulness in your employees to improve on paper and ink use. This way everyone will take steps to improve his/her typing work.

The third method to cut costs is for you to use cartridge using machines. Then instead of replacing cartridges with new ones you can use refills. You can buy refilled cartridges or instead buy refill kits and refill your cartridges yourself. You will save a lot of money with this method.

The above-mentioned are very effective and will save your business from following many businesses that, in their wastefulness, ended up closed.

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