Open a consultancy office and enjoy personal and monetary benefits.

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You will find ever increasing demand for your consultancy. There is so much that people do not know about - if you have the correct information people will come to you for assistance. If you give them good service they’d refer others to you.

You do not have to have special qualifications to start. All you need to do is to get information about the rules, requirements, channels and procedures that affects people in their everyday lives. Choose the area you want to specialize in and then offer information, guidance and assistance to ease people’s burdens.

Simply visit government offices and agencies and request information regarding the filling of forms and procedures to follow. Get as much information as you can. This can vary from a simple tax return to a more involved applications and registrations.

I started my tax consultancy office in 2000. I obtained as much information as possible from the tax office and from their brochures. I then increased my area to include registrations of small corporations, preparing financial returns for small businesses, writing business plans and profiles and even doing some training.

You will find a lot of demand for consulting services. And you will be amazed at how much quickly people will know about your office. Your turnover will start from a few hundred dollars to thousands a month – this will be tied to how much effort you put forth.

The beauty about this type of business is that you assist only a few people initially and they’d do the spreading of the word about your service for you. Your office will start to snowball.

To run the consultancy office you need very little capital – a chair, table, a filing cabinet (much later) and stationery – pens, calculator, etc. For the office find a place that is easy for people to find. This may mean renting a place, but that would still be cheap as you would need a few square meters for your office.

For the service to offer people choose the one you can easily understand and enjoy. This can be helping people to comply with regulations, advisory services, doing feasibility studies for organizations, and so on – the list is almost endless. This you will see once you start with one service.



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