For your business growth you must start looking for bigger contracts so that you become real big.

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You started a small business that is not only sustainable but with plenty of Business growth potential. Now look for opportunities to grow.

The first area for growing the business is employing sales consultants. They will increase the number of your customers and of jobs you undertake. You can increase the number of consultants but limit their numbers to a manageable level.

Allocate them areas of canvassing so that each will have enough households to make enough money from.

You will have an extra responsibility of monitoring and managing them.

You will also need an easily accessible office where they’d refer prospects. You will also hold meetings with them at the office regularly – to set targets, monitor the meeting of targets and review their progress.

Get your office in or around the c b d. The rent would be high but the position will give your office exposure. Put a conspicuous sign board giving enough information about your services. This will increase inquiries and orders.

Another very important way foryour business growth is to subcontract for bigger home improvement companies. These will include those who do jobs for other entities – like other businesses, governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Here your business earnings will increase substantially – your business will go to a higher level. And that is an achievement – from a small home based business to “big time”.

Use this stage to set yourself for real big jobs. Get a vehicle that will take care of logistics. You can either buy or lease.

Then move to real big jobs – government and other big institutions tenders.

After winning the first tender you’ll need to consider hiring your own permanent staff of fitters/artisans. You can co-opt your independent artisans and make them your permanent employees. This will be an advantage because you already know them – you’ll then have better control over them.

You still have much room to expand and grow.

You can open an office in another town. This will give you space to expand and to even double your turnover. Of course, you’ll need supervisors. Train them in-house at your first office. Here they will get the feel much easily.

From here the sky is the limit – expand to other towns and grow as much as you can!


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